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11:48pm 09/06/2009
  should i keep doing this blog or not?!?  
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08:12pm 27/03/2009
  i'm like the shrinking boy.  
10:28am 25/03/2009
01:42pm 21/03/2009
  everything seems to happen for a reason

if i hadn't waited those extra 5mins for the mail to come
this morning before i went to the gym, then i wouldn't of
found $40 on the street walking to the store after the gym.
11:42pm 17/03/2009
  so today was a day with the evil oldies, aka grandparents.
i swear grandma must of run a small child over on the way home
from getting her nails done or something, she was in a oddly
good mood. of course nothing personal life was talked about cause
ya know me being gay and liberal = EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL but oh well

anyway evil oldie was SO emily gilmore today. she's so into letting
her know what items of her's you want once she kicks it.
i did point out some objects. once she kicks it a asian princess
ivory (don't worry they purchased before elephants were killed for ivory)
statue w/diamonds is SO mine! and i got to see the china that my mom
is getting...which i'll obviously get. i really like.
while there i was helping to get something out of a cabinet and saw these
mugs...OMG they're so retro glam (well they are old) i was like i love these
i got them!
of course then i finished off a bottle of wine, which makes the visits well
a lot more happy.

btw LOVIN' kelly clarkson's new album...

will actually write more later.
09:09pm 14/03/2009
  SO funny!

10:29am 12/03/2009
  when will the insanity end?!?!?
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he loves me, he loves me not, HE LOVES ME   
11:02pm 11/03/2009
  what a lazy day.
right now i'm sitting in bed watching old
"gilmore girl" episodes...

speaking of "gilmore girls" i went to see
"guys and dolls" again last night.
i enjoyed myself the first time i saw it but i really
enjoyed myself the second time around.
okay maybe i'm partial cause i adore lauren graham
but all and all an enjoyable night at the theatre.
fuck the reviews.

why do people at starbucks look at me like i'm crazy
when i order a drink?!?
what's so hard about a soy vanilla latte with a extra shot?

rather lazy day today.
laundry, cleaning and moments of
having a goofy smile plastered across my face.
i've had a goofy smile on my face a lot recently
it feels good.




10:21pm 08/03/2009
05:59pm 06/03/2009
  some random things to recap this past week....

after skipping the gym for the past two weeks i'm sore as all
hell after going back this week. i started going at a different time
god so many old old old people at the gym early in the morning.
kinda amusing...kinda scary. grannies lifting weights is rather funny
to watch.

went with my mom to see the "pal joey" revival last weekend. she paid
for dinner, i paid for the tickets. dinner was better than that crap of
a show. sweet jesus i was bored.

i'm totally in love with my new espresso maker. i swear i've had pretty much
nothing more than caffeine runing through my blood stream the past
couple of days.

oh yea i finally joined facebook. search for my email (theaterboi@aol.com)
and add me as a friend!

11:55pm 27/02/2009
  i don't get people.
people claim to be your friend.
you text them and they never respond back.
you send emails and no emails back.
you edit audios and them and...and well no thanx back.
ya know fuck people.
you contact people with a simple "hi" and you get
nothing in return.
everyone i know can go fuck themselves.
12:13am 27/02/2009
  i went shopping and DID NOT BUY A SINGLE THING!!!!!
i know what's wrong with me.

abercrombie had a few t-shirts i loved, i'm sure i'll head
back to get them.
barnes and noble had a few magazines from other countries that i wanted
yes i'm rather obsessed with magazines from other countries.
fuck Men's Health, i want the UK version of Men's Health and don't
get me started on the gay mags from Australia and the UK.
i honestly always thought i'd end up living in the uk.
i guess there's still time, right?
11:57pm 24/02/2009
  so happy mardi gras!
this year is rather tame for me.
most years you'd find my at some of my fav bars
doing unspeakable things for beads ~ i swear one year
the amount of beads i racked up was crazy
then again the amount of people that saw me naked well :)

anyway this year it's a rather tame year.
i hit up tgifridays to well fill myself with junk food.
i had to many fridays coupons it wasn't funny.
my bill was $50, but after all the coupons i had my bill
ended up being $16...yea i know how to work the coupons.
i had the mardi gras free fried green beans coupon, i also
had a free appetizer coupon and i had a buy one get one free
entre coupon....plus with my "give me stripes" card i got
free chips and salsa.
so yea after fucking fridays out of so much free food
i came home and had some cocktails....happy fat tuesday!
i have to admit some of my pervious fat tuesdays have been
so much hotter...but oh well.

random comment...why is sex so much fun?!?
things i used to not enjoy, i find myself enjoying so much
anymore.....so weird!

so i went to an audition...in the middle of a monologue
for some odd reason i just started laughing, not just laughing
i'm talking about laughing for a few mins like a crazy person
me thinks i shalt get a call back...only my agent shall tell lol
12:43am 23/02/2009
  this made me laugh:

JosephBotten [12:35 A.M.]: The Reader was a great film...although I may have been more ga-ga for Kate than anything else (Ralph Fiennes and Lena Olin were also fab in that movie) Frost/Nixon was OK but not Best Picture material, Button was epic and enjoyable, Milk was topical, Slumdog was overrated (and I saw it before any hype)
TheaterBoi [12:37 A.M.]: hell who we kidding
"sex and the city" should of been best picture. that would of totally boostered gay rights more than milk winning lol
JosephBotten [12:38 A.M.]: I love that movie...everything about that show makes me happy.
TheaterBoi [12:39 A.M.]: you just love it cause you identify with miranda :)
JosephBotten [12:41 A.M.]: I am NOT Miranda...
JosephBotten [12:41 A.M.]: I'm more Charlotte.
JosephBotten [12:41 A.M.]: We all know you're Samantha.
TheaterBoi [12:42 A.M.]:
01:36am 22/02/2009
  it's funny how much a week can change.
last week i was having hot sex in a restroom bathroom
inside a bar and this week i'm home alone baking cookies.

i really don't know what i want.
but i i've come to the conclusion i know what i want.
i want a boyfriend. i wanna stand on the subway platform
and i wanna sing "n&r" with someone that makes me so happy
11:58pm 17/02/2009
  a) for all the "gilmore girls" fans that have messaged me
yes i filmed "guys and dolls", and no it isn't for trade.
sorry. i don't feel right putting out something that's still a
work in progress.

b) omg my fav discount outlet was selling lots of 2xist underwear
pairs i was meaning to buy. i purchased a sit load for like $5
i'm a happy boy!

c) today was a bad day. terrible migraine.
honestly felt like laying in bed with the sheets over me
all day.

so yea for you "gilmore" fans
here's the audio i made at "guys and dolls"
now leave me alone and download and get your
lauren graham love.
12:03am 17/02/2009
  so people like to talk about valentine's day

i had the best valentine's day ever.

my valentine's day i went to see the new production
of "guys and dolls"
many thanx to joe m. to take me backstage and meet
lauren graham after the show.
i was a big "gilmore girls" fan and she was so nice
plus she was amazing in the show.

after the show i went to starbucks and the guy didn't make
me pay for my latte, so i got free starbucks.
then i went out for cocktail and had some hot, really hot
sex in a bar restroom...twice...!

was the best valentine's day ever.
they say you should have a other half, but fuck that.
i celebrated myself...and well it was a great day!



02:55am 15/02/2009
  i really don't know who i am anymore.
did some things that well aren't things to
shout from the roof tops and tell people.
i pride myself on being free and after tonight
kinda thinking maybe that really isn't me.
i'm so confused about the real me anymore
will write more tomorrow.
10:50am 09/02/2009
  fuck people!
so many are pissing me off right now.
01:19am 09/02/2009
  i'm a happy boy.

i'm so reliving my childhood right now.
i remember saturday nights i used to live for
snick...nick at night on saturdays.
i used to count down until it was time for
"are you afraid of the dark?"
for some reason i thought of that show recently and
well i did a online search and i've spent the day
searching for episodes to download...i got three downloaded
today....honestly if you have episodes on your pc send links
my way. please!!!!!!!!!!

also a simple message. to the people who look down upon
me celebrating my sexuality and being sexually free....
FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!
i'm single. i really shouldn't have to answer to anyone.
if i'm open sexually....well that's me.
i don't need messages and text messages making me feel
bad that in all honestly i'm a samantha jones